Dry food Snurra dispenser 4.2 kg

Dry food Snurra dispenser is perfect for your kitchen! 6 large sections hold up to 4.2 kg of dry food! The measuring container and buttons make it easy for you to measure out the right amount of food.

The dispenser keeps food fresh and protects it from moisture and insects. There’s a special section for aromatizer, which allows you to put in the dispenser anise or other spices that deter insects. You will easily find all the food for your recipe with this kitchen helper!

The case is equipped with a rotating mechanism. The dispenser will organize your shelves. You will no longer need to use inconvenient bags and food packaging, from which grains spill very easily.

The case of the dispenser is made of food-grade plastic, which is ideal for storing food. It is also highly durable, which guarantees maximum durability of the dispenser.

The dispenser comes assembled and its size is 23 cm x 23 cm. It can be placed on a shelf or directly on the countertop! It will brighten up any kitchen and will certainly amaze your guests!
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