Dish drying mat

Dish drying mat protects your countertop from moisture and dries your dishes faster! Now you don't need to use a towel to dry your dishes anymore, the mat does it all for you!

The mat has a special coating that fixes it tightly to the countertop, which prevents dishes from slipping and reduces the risk of them falling. The mat also protects the countertop from moisture, preventing it from deforming and mold in the kitchen seams.

The dish mat is made of high quality materials to ensure maximum durability of use. It's easy to clean and quick to dry, which makes it convenient to use.The dish mat is great not only for the kitchen, but also for other rooms! For example, it can be used to keep the floor clean around your pet's bowls.

The dish mat is a simple and effective solution for anyone who wants to keep their kitchen tidy!

Size: 50 cm x 40 cm. You can also cut the mat to suit your needs.
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