Set of food containers Foken

How can you keep food fresh and organise your fridge space? Storage containers are the perfect solution!

The containers have sealed lids that will keep food from spilling out and smells from getting mixed in. They are made of food-grade plastic which is BPA-free and ideal for storing food. The plastic has a maximum durability.

You can also wash the containers in the dishwasher, heat them in the microwave or freeze them. They are easy to take with you - to work, to school, to travel!

The set includes 24 containers of different capacities: 2 x 236 ml, 2 x 296 ml, 3 x 828 ml, 2 x 976 ml, 2 x 532 ml, 2 x 680 ml, 8 x 30 ml, 3 x 325 ml.

The special stickers and markers are also included. You can use them to label the containers and make it easy to find the products you need!
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