Dry food Spanna organizer Spanna

The organizer with 5 sections will keep your kitchen shelves neat and tidy! It will replace inconvenient plastic bags and packages that so often spill grains.

The organizer can be mounted to the wall or placed right on the countertop. Measuring container allows you to easily measure the necessary amount of product.

The clear walls of the case allow you to control the amount of grains in the section, as well as find the right product in seconds!

The organizer closes tightly, which protects groats from moisture and mold. Products will stay fresh for much longer! Removable dividers allow you to adapt the sections of the organizer to your needs.

The case of the organizer is made of food-grade plastic, which is ideal for storing food. It is also highly durable, which guarantees maximum durability of the dispenser.

Size: 34 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm. The dispenser will fit perfectly even in a small kitchen!
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